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Matthijs Philatélie

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38th auction of October 2011 is Online

Just nine weeks after we sold in August and its unexpected success, especially for classic stamps of Belgium, I am pleased once again to present you this 38th auction.
You can find less important selection of classic Belgian stamps but with still nice items, but what about the large collection of plate numbers we have been trusted ... no fewer than 500 lots will allow you to expand your collection.

A large selection of Belgian old booklets (scare materials in auctions) and an interesting choice in varieties and curiosities complete the selection of our country.

Foreign countries and especially France are well represented with many good items.

The 40th auction will be held in February 2012 and on this occasion I will do a special catalog with a larger number of copies. If you want to join me to make this sale even more important, you can contact me.